Guns & Ammo state rankings highlight differences in people and parties

Coming in at 51 is Washington D.C. The mayor is a Democrat, as are 11 of the 13 City Council positions (with two “Independents”) as are all federal representatives. Presidential Electoral College votes went to the Obama/Biden ticket.

The next nine states listed, with “worst” listed first, are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware, Democrat strongholds all. And while there are notable (and rare) exceptions, such as Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey, the governor, who occasionally gets things right, more often does not, and in very destructive ways against the right to keep and bear arms.

On the other side of the equation, the “best” state is Arizona, slightly edging out Alaska. The “top 10,” going down the list, include Georgia, Utah, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas and Florida. Again, there are some splits, as in Kentucky, Montana and Florida, but in all those states, the influence of Democrats has been tempered by Republicans. See “Political party strength in U.S. states” for a breakdown.

Does that mean there are no “pro-gun Democrats” and gun owners should automatically back Republicans?

FK – Democrats in the Kentucky legislature have been useful to the ‘pro-gun’ forces over the years but the effort to pass Kentucky’s version of the Firearms Freedom Act was stopped more than once in committee by a demoncrat chairman from liberalville. We must take back Kentucky’s house of representatives which of course is no guarantee that Liberty will reign on ‘The dark and bloody ground.’

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