Gun tourism grows in popularity in recent years

The death of an Arizona firearms instructor by a 9-year-old girl who was firing a fully automatic Uzi displayed a tragic side of what has become a hot industry in the U.S.: gun tourism.

With gun laws keeping high-powered weapons out of reach for most people — especially those outside the U.S. — indoor shooting ranges with high-powered weapons have become a popular attraction.

Tourists from Japan flock to ranges in Waikiki, Hawaii, and the dozen or so that have cropped up in Las Vegas offer bullet-riddled bachelor parties and literal shotgun weddings, where newly married couples can fire submachine gun rounds and pose with Uzis and ammo belts.

FK – They need to go back home and FIGHT to establish Liberty in their own lands.

Every kid at around 5-7 years of age should be shown what a shotgun or a deer rifle can do to a milk jug full of water to illustrate to them that weapons aren’t toys. They should be taken hunting at about that age as well. They should have already attended a funeral before that age to learn what death is and that this ‘life'(loosely defined) is finite and that they are mortal and can die.

If some neighborhood “Liberal”(commie) trash doesn’t agree show what the shotgun can do to it. Use rock salt unless you’re able to ‘shoot, shovel and shut up’ and you’ve trained your kids well in that soon to be very necessary skill.

These guys seem to know what they’re doing:

Hunters may now apply online for quota deer, small game and waterfowl hunts on state WMAs

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Choosing a first shotgun

FK – Take your kids hunting. Teach them reality so they don’t grow up to be brain-dead pathetic “Liberal”(commie) trash freaks who try to control every thing around them because they’re frightened of reality.