Gun Rights Group Wins Access To Potentially Embarrassing NY Gun Registration Data

Cuomo and his anti-gun allies in Albany exploited the horrors of the Sandy Hook School disaster to ram through the NY SAFE—a gun control “kitchen sink” bill that was jammed full of absurd, inaccurate, often unenforceable provisions—and has been fighting a defensive battle ever since. Many upstate law enforcement officers have publicly stated their refusal to enforce the draconian law, and many gun owners reacted by refusing to comply with “assault weapon” registration requirements.

The vast majority of gun owners felt that this registration attempt was a possible prelude to a future confiscation effort. Non-compliance is thought to be stunningly high, something in excess of the estimated 90-percent non-compliance rate for registration in neighboring Connecticut. These are truly “just paper” laws which the citizenry has brazenly ignored, and which the state law enforcement agencies in both states dare not attempt to aggressively enforce for legitimate fears that they could trigger a violent insurrection.

FK – We need to bring the troops home, activate the militia and have them hunt our domestic blood enemies in these Yankee states and in Commiefornia.

Everytown Ignores Fact That Background Checks Didn’t Stop Cop Killers, Pushes More Gun Control

FK – The crime issue is a red herring. Always has been. Our domestic blood enemies want us disarmed so we can’t hunt them when enough finally see the necessity of doing what will be required. Simple fact.

FK – What a concept.

FK – We need to demand a full repeal of ‘all’ gun laws.