Gun rights activist proposes state solution to help curb federal abuses

“The states have always reserved what is called the ‘police power,’” Marbut, who was also the driving force behind the move for states to enact their own Firearms Freedom Act legislation explained to Gun Rights Examiner. “One way the states have traditionally asserted police power is with occupational licensing. States license all sorts of occupations and vocations in order to assure the public of a minimum set of quality as people working in those occupations and vocations provide services to the public.”

As part of required education for licensing, federal employees acting within the state of Montana would need to complete basic training that includes instruction concerning “[t]he Constitution and laws of Montana, including the right to privacy … [t]he culture of Montana people and their expectations of service providers, including ethics[and] [t]he oath of office.” Additionally, “Administrative, military, outdoors and law enforcement workers must complete advanced training … that includes instruction concerning … [i]ndividual rights that the state’s citizens have reserved to themselves from interference by government workers.”

FK – Not bad but I like my idea better: a militia force in each county in this country whose job it is to make sure the granite gallows in front of every government building get its proper use.