Gun prohibitionists emboldened, salivating over Washington

An emboldened gun prohibition lobby, supported by media cheerleaders, is still celebrating its gun control victory in Washington State with the passage of Initiative 594, calling it a “game changer” late yesterday in USA Today, and another story published elsewhere was headlined “Bill Gates Beats NRA, Washington State Passes Strict Gun Control Law.”

Brady Campaign President Dan Gross told USA Today, “While we’ll never take our eyes off the prize of federal legislation, the result in Washington shows us that we can have a huge impact in the short term.”

The story portraying anti-gun billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates as something of a giant killer for helping finance the nearly $11 million campaign that outspent the National Rifle Association’s opposition to I-594, did contain one more tidbit of post-election candor. The story touched on the last-minute impact of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting Oct. 24, admitting that “the stricter background checks in I-594 would not have prevented the shooting — the gun was legally purchased and registered by (the shooter’s) relative…”

Still, one myth continues in the saga, that the NRA was behind rival Initiative 591, the grassroots effort led by the Protect Our Gun Rights (POGR) coalition. The Los Angeles Times repeated the canard in its coverage of the election, asserting, “the pro-gun legislation was backed by the National Rifle Assn.”

FK – Only one solution for such. We’ve had the internet for 15+ years. There’s no excuse for such willful ignorance. They are evil and know full well what they do.

FK – At least the propaganda arm of the amerikan communist insurgency is suffering:

FK – Now if only Faux News will tell the whole ‘fair and balanced’ story. I’m not holding my breath.

It’s time to prepare to put our bayonets through the hearts of the beasts. Someone sent me this:


FK – Of course one good sniper could take care of the now red house. Those Marines need to be in front of the capital building, the IRS, the Fed, the CIA, FBI and certainly the ‘just-us’ dept. and the BATF Nazi headquarters which must be under some rock in a swamp along Chesapeake bay.