Greg Hunter on FISA memo and communism and justice?

FK – The moment a known communist by whatever cute euphemism that ran on communist principles and openly called for ‘Australian style gun control’ or anything like it is sworn in it’s already broken its Oath to uphold the Bill of Rights and should be provided a speedy treason trial and execution.

In fact when hitlery called for such it should’ve been dragged from the podium by its heels and down whatever steps at such a rate of speed that its head made popping sounds and then outside to whatever tree or light pole was handy and provided a speedy treason trial as in “Here’s the Oath you took(as Secretary of State, or whatever) and you just broke it. Down the hammer goes, the hemp goes around its neck and up it goes, spitting and turning blue.

But this is no longer a nation of men so I’ll be highly surprised if any creature of importance is made to truly pay for any of this in any real way.

150 grand to be lied to. That would be hilarious if it weren’t so horrific. Who the hell can afford to pay such?

A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”

Think about how many more parasites the demonscat party would have as constituents if there hadn’t been available abortion since the beginning of the welfare state, which was created to produce inter-generational voters for it.

When Trump’s term is over will we still have in income tax and the IRS and the Fed and evil gun laws? Will the BATF Nazi trash have been de-funded and tried for treason for enforcing evil laws?

If ‘god’ of whatever version, sub-version or subversion doesn’t drive your car down the highway does he/she/it drive your country?

This is all distraction. We should be hanging our corporate commie globalists not keeping up with the latest scandal or waiting for the world to end.

What can I do?

As our ancestors conquered we must be ready to defend or we will be conquered. Or maybe we already have been.

Why are we pushing democracy when we’ve lost our Liberty?

“Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx

So when will the republicrats repeal the 16th amendment and the evil gun laws and pass a constitutional amendment to ban socialism?

Why are we REFORMING COMMUNISM? WHY is NO ONE asking WHY we HAVE an income tax?

Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

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