GOP Leaders Shouldn’t Forget That They Won Because Obama Sucks, Not Because They’re Great

Our leadership teams in the House and Senate are comprised of inarticulate country club Republicans who are to politics what the Waffle House is to fine dining. Many of the Capitol Hill staffers and consultants are out-of-touch lickspittles who hold flyover country conservatives in contempt because they’ve errantly concluded that being in the proximity of members of Congress somehow raises their IQ 40 points. The National Republican Senatorial Committee? Everyone in that organization should be fired and run out of politics. Afterwards, the GOP should burn the building to the ground and salt the earth so nothing will ever grow there again.


Unfortunately, we’re now getting to a very dangerous time for a political party run by puffed up incompetents, a time when we are expected to actually do things because we run the House and the Senate. When Boehner, McConnell and the rest of “Team Country Club” were in the shadows and the American people were focusing on how Obama made them want to gouge their eyes out with a stick, it was easy for us to make gains. Now, we’re going to have a team of people who couldn’t sell hamburgers to Chris Christie who are making our case to the American people.

Of course, it SHOULDN’T BE all that hard for the GOP to set itself up for victory in 2016. After all, people love a winner, don’t they? Can’t the Party pretty easily improve its reputation as “obstructionists” just by passing a few popular bills? Couldn’t the GOP leadership easily improve its relationship with the conservative base just by refusing to attack it anymore? Isn’t Obama still President?


Will attempting to implement that modest, common sense agenda take a heroic effort? Is asking the GOP leadership to stop attacking its own supporters a bridge too far? Are conservatives going overboard when we ask the Republican Party to actually live up to what it promises on the campaign trail? If so, it’s only because the GOP insists on putting human jellyfish in leadership positions and sticking with them win, lose or draw as they aimlessly float along with the tide. Hopefully, they will surprise us and live up to their highest potential, which probably consists of being plodding “C” grade leaders who don’t mess things up too badly. Whether they do or don’t, they should know that conservatives will be watching them, we’re not cutting them any slack and we recognize that Barack Obama was the MVP of this election for the GOP, not our Republican Party leadership.

FK – My posted comments:

Getting rid of commie care is a non discussion. How about getting rid of the IRS and
all income taxes, the Fed and ‘all’ the gun laws including shutting down the useless BATF Nazis? Are those bridges too far? How about we restore the entire Bill of Rights and live in a free country again? I doubt most of the republicrats fully understand these issues. After 20 years of being awake I’m sure they don’t. Hitlery would be a good thing for the now red house as she’d keep all the idiot ‘conservatives’ and ‘tea partiers’ off the golf course and the couch. Electing a rino NWO hack put forward by the elites would be Dubya all over again when the republicrats had the govt. and virtually nothing changed.