GOA: Tis the Season for Gun Owners to be Jolly

You Guys Have Repeatedly Thwarted Obama’s Agenda

The past three weeks have been a really good time for Gun Owners of America and the rest of the Second Amendment community.

The first blow came from the American people.

In the wake of continuing efforts by Barack Obama to scare us into destroying our guns, Black Friday recorded the largest number of gun purchases (as evidenced by background checks) on record: a stunning 185,000 firearms purchases.

It is hard to overstate the importance of this.

Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, the New York Times, MSNBC, academia, Left-wing churches, and every major liberal institution in America have spent massive amounts of money trying to convince Americans that guns are “scary” and need to be banned.

Instead, to their consternation and dismay, Americans have concluded that the way to keep themselves safe is to arm themselves.

Like the Old Testament plotter in the Book of Esther, these liberals have hung themselves on their own gallows.

FK – With all the respect I have for GOA, we’re a long way from winning this war. Too bad we don’t have a nation of men anymore. If we did our domestic blood enemies would be hanging from the granite gallows in front of every govt. building.

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