GOA: Time to Shoot Down Restrictions on Suppressors

Rep. Salmon Sets His Sights on Increasing Shooter Safety

Take action now to RESTORE your lost gun rights!

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) has introduced the Hearing Protection Act, H.R. 3799, which restores your right to buy suppressors for your firearms.

Under Salmon’s bill, anyone who can buy a gun can buy a suppressor.

It also waives the $200 fee previously needed to get a government permission slip.

Suppressors protect the hearing of shooters, including the young and hearing impaired. They are of no value to criminals or mass shooters, and even homemade suppressors are rarely used in crimes.

They are effectively banned for one reason — because gun grabbers want to make it more difficult for gun owners to exercise their rights.

The irony of the whole situation is that items like suppressors actually increase the safety of shooters because they reduce the noise that is generated when operating a firearm.

FK – Another tiny step in the right direction…

ACTION: Contact your Representative NOW and ask him or her to co-sponsor H.R. 3799, a bill that restores your right to buy suppressors for your firearms.

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One thought on “GOA: Time to Shoot Down Restrictions on Suppressors


    Where I live they had town meetings to discuss noise complaints about the local shooting range. I spoke at the meeting and pointed out that “mufflers” exist for firearms, and our situation is that THE GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING TO SHUT OUR RANGE DOWN BECAUSE OF NOISE COMPLAINTS BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT OUTLAWED FIREARM MUFFLERS! It got a little chuckle, as it is, we have a public town range that is open to the public for limited hours one day a week (Sunday) – token time to call it a town range – and they won’t close it because the rest of the week it is LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY. Even though complaints were about weekday noise we all came to a reasonable compromise and limited Sunday range time! Assholes!

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