GOA Helps Defeat Bloomberg-backed Gun Control in Yet another State

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the battle for Second Amendment rights.

While we won a notable victory against Bloomberg’s minions in New Hampshire, we also suffered a setback at the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Sadly, a couple of “pro-gun” groups had pushed the legislation in New Hampshire to send lots of additional names to NICS.  They felt that, if the liberal media saw that gun groups were willing to assist in taking away gun rights from some people, then the “gun lobby” would be viewed more favorably.  Suffice it to say that this strategy never, ever works.


The bottom line:  We need to look more closely at demands for more NICS submissions from supposedly “pro-gun” groups.  And we especially need to look at whether people who are being pushed into the NICS system have actually received due process.

FK – I haven’t seen an ‘unbusy’ time in this war over the last 20 years.

Since the Bill of Rights was designed to force the Fed govt. and really all governments under it to acknowledge our most basic right, that of self defense against government, we should be demanding the U.S. Congress pass a national ‘preemption‘ law like Kentucky and other states have that says they can’t limit our most basic right.

All ‘gun control’ is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept further ‘control’ until total civilian disarmament is achieved. Thus all ‘gun control’ is an act of war.