GOA Case Goes Before the U.S. Supreme Court

To put it more bluntly, since Mr. Heien was violating no law when he was stopped, the state objectively has no property interest in his person or in his car or anything that could potentially be found in his car (like a gun). For that reason alone, the stop violated the Fourth Amendment, regardless of how “reasonable” some North Carolina judges subjectively believed the police had acted.

Protecting the Fourth Amendment is important because it ultimately protects gun owners from being illegally stopped, searched and having their firearms seized.

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Not only will that help us to challenge anti-gun laws in the courts, you will be helping GOA to magnify its no-compromise message on Capitol Hill.

FK – To put it more bluntly we must gain control of how these junior Nazis are educated so they don’t do evil things like this, including enforcing evil laws and not having the courage to arrest, prosecute and execute those who write them.

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