GOA: Calls for National Gun Confiscation

The Anti-gun Left Declares War on Your Gun Rights

President Obama took to the airwaves on Sunday night and told the nation we need more gun control.

Hillary Clinton — the one who will most likely be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 — recently called for an all-out war on guns, as well.

And then, for the first time since 1920, the New York Times published an editorial on the front page of their newspaper.

This is important because the editorial page of the Times reflects the thinking of the anti-gun Democrat Left.

And what is the theme of the Times‘ most important message in nearly a hundred years?

In two words:  Gun Confiscation.

FK – So what’re you gonna do when they come for yours? They’ll happily take it out of your cold dead hands. Are you going to sit home and wait your turn or meekly ‘turn them in’ and bequeath to your descendants a legacy of pathetic slovenly slavery?

Why aren’t you training with the militia now for the inevitable?

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FK – Because they know who their real enemies are: those of us who will begin to kill them when enough finally realize the necessity of doing so.

Supreme Court denies assault weapons ban challenge

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FK – If the governments were ‘by the people’ they would need our permission to carry guns but this has become a nation of cowardly pacified whores. Simple sad fact.

This one is really important:

Why Congress stopped gun control activism at the CDC

Kurt Russell: ‘Absolutely Insane’ to Think Gun Control Will Change Terrorists

FK – Well a few of the Hollyweird types have a clue.

Another really important one:

The facts that neither side wants to admit about gun control

FK – Our domestic blood enemies have no problem with violence when it suits their purposes and many of them have no problem with blood on their own hands:

FK – Who or what is more powerful, a tiny handful that manages to kill a few mush heads now and again, often with government help, or those that can disarm and thus fully enslave hundreds of millions?