Glenn Beck’s charges against NRA director divert attention from amnesty threat

Conservative media powerhouse Glenn Beck told The Blaze, a news and editorial outlet he founded, that following a one-hour telephone conversation, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre is opening a “fully transparent” ethics investigation into NRA director and Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist. The development comes after Beck announced that he will resign his membership if Norquist is re-elected to the board.

While allegations that Norquist is “an agent of influence” on behalf of Islamic interests will raise concerns of many NRA members and gun owners in general, Beck did not cite one reason why his activities in that regard conflict with NRA’s bylaws, the charter that defines director eligibility and all other matters pertaining to operational policies. And while it’s useful for NRA’s voting members to know the truth about such ties (not surprisingly, Norquist and his American Conservative Union allies dispute and condemn the legitimacy of such criticisms) so that members can decide if that’s a personal show-stopper for them, chances are his reelection is already a done deal.

FK – Are you familiar with the concept of ‘controlled opposition?’

Some interesting comments on that one.

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FK – So how long until we can buy the ammo the military uses now?

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FK – The SCOTUS is not the final arbiter of our rights. We are. They are our employees. They will ultimately have to be forced to accept this reality or they will force us to accept a deeper slavery than we now enjoy.

The ‘other side’ seems to have discovered their 2A rights:

FK – How many of them are Fed agents or narcs or informants? Someone should have done a poll. They need to work on their ‘marching’ as well…

Search the names on their patches if you don’t know the history of the ‘Black Panthers’ and gun rights.

Speaking of history:

FK – Our domestic blood enemies know full well a nation of pacified ignorant children is a nation of future willing slaves.

This is what happens when they run things:

FK – Why would they ‘outcry’ over a situation they created for their own purposes?

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FK – We need to be kicking the creatures in the head, not allowing them to play games with our natural born Liberty. We either put them in their places or they will do so to us.