Gav Seim — Know the Law in 8 Minutes!

FK – Our ‘human rights’ are determined by what we decide to tolerate and what we are capable of resisting.

Through history human govt. had the power it was capable of or willing to achieve.

Law is what those in power determine it is, or what ‘is’, uh, is. In our representative republic ‘we the people’ are theoretically supposed to be in charge of this process but in reality it’s always the ‘educated’ aristocratic class, through its tools, the politicians, who determine what ‘law’ is, except for rare exception when groups, or ‘constituencies’ conglomerate their power and use it to achieve whatever goals they have.

All the ‘theories’ are great, and all humans should be born ‘free,’ but that simply isn’t the case. No amerikan alive today has known true Liberty and in actuality none ever has.

The war for Lincoln’s tariff and the 13th and 14th Amendments put all of us in the same level of slavery and it’s been downhill ever since.

So now instead of a militia of ‘able-bodied’ men of a certain age with military weapons in their homes and local armories we have a ‘national’ guard whose weapons are kept locked in federal armories.

We only have the ‘rights’ we are willing to fight and kill for. All the lies from all the pacifists and the govt. shills and “Liberal”(commie) trash won’t change that reality.

Every time your authoritarian ‘friends‘ of whatever stripe vote, they vote to kill you.

The elites consider us all to be livestock. There is nothing more important to understand than that.

Governments and those they front for understand one thing: power. Read ‘The Prince’ and ‘The Art of War.’

Guns without the will to use them are toys that can be regulated or taken. We have lost our will as a people. Maybe we’re slowly getting it back, I don’t know for sure.

The Bundy Ranch incident last year may show they are beginning to fear us again or that they are simply waiting for a more opportune time.

The shysters have created their own system of ‘just-us.’ Look at the ‘just-us’ centers they’re now building in small towns. The biggest, highest buildings often show who is the richest and most powerful in history. They want the state, represented through them, to be paramount.

The seminaries and churches were obviously infiltrated long ago, if not created for the purpose of keeping the slaves working. Religion is part of the problem. It’s a tool, always has been. Look up Chuck Baldwin, he has a clue.

Your neighbors, again, will readily vote to kill you if it suits their interests.

Again, it’s about power, them having it and the pawns not:

FK – The ‘law’ ultimately comes out of the barrel of a gun. Who will have the guns? Us or those who consider us to be livestock?

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