One thought on “Gangs threaten to shoot White kids during last week of school


    Well – I mean – this isn’t really so bad- I mean – at least it’s not a racist hate crime/bias crime/civil rights issue like – whites threatening to kill blacks! I think it is now socially acceptable/politically correct for blacks to threaten/commit violence against whites! (There is the added bonus of keeping whites scared and thinking a militarized police state is a good thing, it doesn’t even matter that in every riot the police back out and stand down, regardless of how many whites could be getting slaughtered as they are dragged out of their cars on the highway!) Gun control could keep whites safe! (It doesn’t even matter that it is the white legal gun owners that are having their guns taken and the black gangs will keep their guns!) YEA – I LOVE THIS WORLD! – NO BIG DEAL – NOTHING MUCH GOING ON HERE!

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