Free Kentucky Column: Whose closet are you hiding in?

Barry Bright
May 17, 2014

A while back I was in conversation with some Liberty-oriented types after a meeting of prejudiced right wing extremists who are undoubtedly out to overthrow democracy and the welfare state and make sure there’s a Klan robe hanging in every white male’s closet.

During our discourse one of them was referring to his “liberal” friends and later said something about being afraid to ‘come out of the closet.” No, not ‘that’ closet. This guy has a grandkid, not that that would make a lot of difference nowadays.

Such thinking reminds me of my own awakening back in the mid 90s when I established a group called ‘The College Patriots’ at Western Kentucky University. I’ll never forget the look a professor gave me as it walked past our table in the student center, that mix of ultimate revulsion with condescending amusement with just a little fear thrown in from the side.

And all we wanted was to promote freedom, in the land of the no longer free and rarely brave. But at that time I didn’t realize the depth of the apathy, fear and hatred. In my naiveté I actually thought enough of the population would awaken and take action within a few years to restore some semblance of Liberty here. It’s been 20 years now.

A bumper sticker from that time period was a favorite of mine: “By the year 2000 we’ll be hunting liberals with dogs.” If only. Those who claim to love liberty are too busy hiding in their closets and allowing their blood domestic enemies, our greatest enemies, who aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, to dictate their speech and their actions.

I’ve beat this dead horse before in countless YouTube comments and in other places not to mention the link included in an above paragraph. Go read it and if the reality of our situation doesn’t overwhelm you come back here when done.

Our blood domestic enemies love it when their victims refer to them by the cute little names they come up with to hide their evil. There’s nothing ‘liberal’ about authoritarianism of any stripe and nothing ‘progressive’ about taking the human race back to an ancient form of slavery.

American communists were holding conventions here in the early 20th century and learned over time they couldn’t directly overthrow our form of government and would have to act covertly the first step of which was to hide their true intentions, often by claiming the opposite of their real goals.

The fact they openly worshipped Stalin before its murderous ways became known, after the newswhores of that time had intentionally not reported on the genocides in the Soviet Union, didn’t help.

So they started calling themselves ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to hide their very real evil. But still so many are afraid to call them what they really are. This must end, yesterday.

During the 60s they sold us ‘peace and love’ when what they really meant was “You are our slaves.” Indeed we are. When the government steals money out of our paychecks before it even reaches our hands no other description can apply. When we have to fill out a form to buy a tool for our most basic right, that of self defense against government and common criminals, no other word can apply.

There are closets on both sides. Hanging out with ‘libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ necessitates ignoring that employers often treat their ‘associates’ or human resources like jackasses and it’s getting worse. As ‘consumers’ we also need a few basic laws to keep them form poisoning us or selling us faulty products as history clearly shows human greed will do if it can.

That doesn’t have to equal hordes of bureaucrats swarming over the landscape telling us what we must do with our own property, which includes the shirts on our backs and even our backs. Gun control is about telling the common person they have no right to defend the most basic private property they posses, their own bodies, lives and health no matter where they are or whose property they’re on.

There’s nothing ‘libertarian’ about hiring people and treating them like jackasses in the name of profit nor nothing ‘conservative’ about helping to tear down the family by ensuring that parents have no time to spend with their children so they are basically raised by minimum wage daycare workers and even more ignorant teachers in government schools where the values they are shown during their most formative years are handed down from on high so that no child is left un-indoctrinated in the ways of slavish compliancy to the gods of profit and statism.

American corporations didn’t move their factories to Latin America and Asia because they felt sorry for the peasants. The ‘party of the little man’ didn’t vote NAFTA through the congress of commies so they could get smaller corporate campaign donations. The greedy workaholic CEOs knew they could find desperate workers there who would do or say anything to get or keep a job while creating desperate workers here who would put up with the loss of the 40 hour work week which means they often don’t have lives outside of the craphole where they waste their time in exchange for money.

Not everyone can or wants to relocate to find better employment, if indeed it’s out there anymore. I meet blue collar types who I truly don’t think would find that within their realm of understanding. Personally I wouldn’t move to Texas or any flat state or large city and several other places in this country unless they offered me enough money that I could retire after a couple years. One thing I haven’t heard mentioned in the ongoing minimum wage war is that many full time ‘adult’ jobs in this state pay less then 15 bucks an hour.

I attended a funeral service about a year and a half ago at the end of which the preacher wanted everyone to ‘stand for Jesus’ or some such. I was one of only two or three who didn’t stand. This might not have seemed so unusual except the attendees were mostly ‘patriot’ types or liberty activists whom one might think would understand the dangers of blind faith, group think, peer pressure, etc. Sigh.

The human species still has a lot of growing up to do and I don’t expect to take breath long enough to see that journey completed. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s multiple generations away.

Part of that growing up must include getting away from the playground induced fear of ‘name-calling.’ It’s not ‘name-calling’ if it’s true. We need to call our blood domestic enemies what they are and proceed to develop the resolve to do what will be required to restore the Bill of Rights here and evolve Human Liberty into the sacrosanct institution it deserves to be.

Without Liberty, here or in any other sphere, we are nothing but slaves, no matter how much peace and love the illusion hands us.