Free Kentucky Column: The Basics

Barry Bright
June 4, 2014

Random thoughts that have been boiling in my brain for a long time. I reserve the right to change, alter, edit, add at any time.

For those who’ve been paying attention for a long time and lack the patience to read/hear/see the same old propaganda any more:

On freedom of speech: If you can’t anger everyone about their pet ideology, values, beliefs, faith, whatever and keep talking you don’t have it.

On the Right to bear arms: When it’s ‘illegal’ to kill those who seek to disarm you, you don’t have it.

On “Liberal,” progressive(commie) trash: The fact we tolerate the evil in our governments shows we exist in a nation of cowardly whores. When you call them the cute names they assigned themselves: ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to hide their authoritarian evil, instead of commies, you assist them in the destruction of human Liberty. Call the trash what it is, treat it as it deserves to be treated. It’s way past time to take out the trash by whatever means necessary.

On religion: Most religionists fear death far more than non-religionists because they have a deep fear of the unknown, which is the biggest cornerstone of religion. The second biggest cornerstone of religion is the desire of the elites to keep the slaves working, so they either create religions for this purpose or they infiltrate and manipulate religions in order to keep the slaves working. If someone tells you they ‘know’ because they read it in their religious book you know you’re dealing with a child who prefers wishful thinking to the cold hard pavement of reality. Who wouldn’t? Blind faith got us into this mess and it won’t get us out. The human race is still a very primitive species and probably will be for a long time to come.

On doomsayers: Yeah, one day ‘the world will end’ or ‘society will come crashing down,’ or ‘civilization as we know it will cease to exist.’ We are all cosmic dust hurtling through space. Lot’s of money has been made and lives wasted worrying over things we can’t control. In a representative republic we are supposed to have a say in the laws we are forced to exist under at the point of a government gun. Those who prefer to sit on their lazy fat apathetic asses and wait for the world to end deserve to be treated as the slaves they are.

On taxation: When they steal money from your paycheck before it even reaches your hands, you’re a slave.

On secession: When you can’t ‘un-volunteer’ from something you volunteered for, you’re  a slave.

On slavery: The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time. Most humans, loosely defined, are herd animals, sheeple as they are called nowadays, but most are capable of becoming ‘sheepdogs’ or wolves when necessary but have been pacified and dumbed-down. Most humans are thus too stupid and apathetic to know they are slaves or too cowardly to stand up and refuse to be treated like jackasses either by their governments or their employers.

On ‘black slavery’ and the war for Southern Independence: Only a modern Marxism indoctrinated dumbed-down idiot would think that as ‘racist’ as white people of the mid 1800s were, they killed 600,000 white men to free the black slaves. The ameri-commies want to say the south was wrong so they can say the Founders were wrong because they owned slaves.

On Liberty: Liberty is preserved for that tiny minority that actually cares about it because they are the few in each generation that inches humanity along, often from the ‘left’ and the ‘right.’

On communism: The commies enjoy such success because so-called, self-proclaimed ‘Libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ are often truly guilty of what the commies accuse them of – only being concerned about their own fortunes. The hard corps commies at the top of the global commie insurgency know full well the evil they participate in. They are incapable of taking breath without working to enslave those around them. They cannot just pass a few laws to address real problems and then leave well enough alone. They will not rest until they control every minute aspect of every existence in this world and probably the universe. There is only one cure for such creatures as they will continue to lie until hell itself thaws out again.

On ‘isms:’ All the ‘isms’ ignore those aspects of human nature/behavior they find inconvenient. Libertarians claim to want limited government so it won’t abuse peoples’ rights but think it’s OK for employers to treat their employees like jackasses in the name of profit and ‘progress.’ Most employees are too stupid or cowardly to get together and stand up for themselves. Simple fact.

On authoritarianism: Religion, or at least humanity’s two major religions, are the ultimate form of authoritarianism because their sadistic asshole of a god will burn all those who don’t go along with their versions, sub-versions and subversions alive in fire forever or simply kill them, after resurrecting them(what’s the point?) or bringing them up out of hell to be judged after they’ve already been there for thousands of years only to tell them they’re going back. Their ‘god’ is patterned after the ancient evil tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their peasants, servants, slaves and said “Obey me or I’ll torture or kill you because I’m a god, descended from gods, want to be a god, or was appointed by god so what I do is his will(which is what most churches preach nowadays).” How ironic that the ‘religion’ that was created to allegedly free mankind is now being used to enslave it.

On the bible, Old Testament: 3000-year-old tribal propaganda combined with some actual literature and ancient wisdom that most who claim to believe obviously don’t understand.

New Testament: Jesus was probably a real ‘man’ or ‘son of god’ as we all are according to ancient beliefs that pre-date ‘christianity.’ His teachings were obviously borrowed from earlier systems and manipulated by latter church leaders and governments for their own ends. The average believer is intentionally blind to this for their own personal reasons or they’re just too un-educated and stupid to understand it.

On the ‘New World Order:’ This term is thrown around so much that few understand it’s real implications. The elite use it as a road map or as a simple description of those in power at the time or whose economic system/empire dominates etc. Trying to figure out who’s really in charge is a waste of time until we get enough together to hold the treason trials and figure out who we truly need to hang.

On the ongoing domestic cold war and the on-coming blood conflict: Our biggest enemies have always been right here, from the founding of the Republic. See ‘Federalist‘ vs. ‘Anti-Federalist.’ They aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. Only the simple-minded allow themselves to be distracted by such.

On voting and elections: Political action can still do some good except on the presidential level. History shows that wild card presidential candidates either aren’t allowed to win by telling the brain dead mush heads in the middle they ‘can’t win’ or are killed or co-opted once they get into the now red house and actually attempt to do anything that matters because the elites control the process and the mainstream news media. It’s likely that only bloody civil war will ultimately change this. If someone tells you ‘it’s all a dog and pony show’ then you’re dealing with a lazy fat ass who won’t spend the time and effort to do anything about protecting it’s own Liberty and fully deserves to be treated like a slave. This is war. Any effort on the various fronts is not wasted as different people/sheeple respond differently to different propaganda and the middle is played against both ends by both sides.

On commies(“liberals” and ‘progressives’) claiming to be pacifists: Those who claim pacifism can never vote for voting is the most violent act one can participate in. Government is force thus voting is electing someone to hire someone to stick a gun in your neighbor’s face and kill them if they refuse your agenda.

A few things that might matter, or ‘The Basics’ part two