Forced Circumcision on Four Year Old Boy?! He DOESN’T want the surgery!

FK – The ancients probably came up with this procedure because of poor hygiene and then told the ignorant brain dead sheeple the order ‘came from god’ so they’d go along with it. Didn’t see any indication on why the father is insisting on this.

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If it’s to be done it should be done for real medical reasons when the male is old enough to consent, not because his parents choose to blindly follow what is really a cultural tradition.

If it’s societal, cultural or peer pressure is it really ‘consent?’ Of course not.

FK – This kind of crap is why we need a militia, of people with common sense, whose judgement is not clouded by 3000-year-old tribal propaganda who could provide protective custody for that kid until someone comes to their senses or the ‘justus’ system is given the solid kick in the ass it so sorely needs. Sadly I know I won’t be in this realm long enough to see that come about, if it ever does. See vids below the next one.

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FK – Gee, if the unmentionables are doing it, it must be OK. But maybe not.