Extreme Huntress with a Message

Charisa Argys wants to be a role model for hunters. Her goal? Spread the message that more women and youth can participate in hunting, and lobby for laws in states so that they are protected after the hunt. She is hoping to become the 2016 winner of the Extreme Huntress competition in order to help her goals become reality.

In 2014, Charisa became the focus of animal rights activists after she posted a photo of a mountain lion she killed in Colorado (2013). She writes:

In 2014 the picture of my mountain lion hunt was placed on an anti hunting Facebook page where extremist groups used it to attack me personally and hunting. I was attacked by people from all over the world, some even threatening to kill me and my children. I chose to stand up and speak out about those threats and work towards tougher laws to protect hunters from harassment in the field and after the hunt.

From her website:

I am a wife, mother, daughter and avid outdoors woman. I started my hunting adventures atop my father’s shoulders at the age of three, and have been hunting since that day. I believe in living with integrity, honor, morals and honesty; a person is only as good as their word. I feel those attributes are important to have as a positive professional role model.

As a mother of two small children, I take them with me so that I have the opportunity to hunt and they are a part of the experience. The first time I took them hunting alone they were 9 months and 2. Hunting in the Colorado back country with two little ones proved quite the challenge. One of my fondest memories was a pronghorn hunt with my daughter who was two. She was as excited as I was when I harvested a buck. I love that she is following in my footsteps.

Meet the 2016 Extreme Huntress™ Semi-Finalists

Our panel of judges have carefully read each of the entry essays submitted from all over the world. As usual, it was an impressive pool of applicants! It wasn’t easy, but they have narrowed the pool of entrants down to twenty  contestants who they feel are the candidates for the competition.


Voting will begin on May 1, 2015

Now it’s your turn to choose. We encourage you to read all of the essays and then vote for the one women who you feel should move on to the finals at the 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas.

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