Exploring US State Department Files on UFOs

Gairy was followed by other speakers, all of whom were in favor of a “UN Clearinghouse” for the exchange of data and coordination of research on UFOs. The document goes on to state that the speakers were supplemented by a short firm which comprised of still and motion picture purporting to depict actual sightings of UFOs.

It was Gairy”s “deep personal conviction” that the subject of UFOs was one of “worldwide importance and significance” and one which warranted “very serious consideration by the United Nations”.

FK – One can only imagine the ‘policy’ that would be developed by the Marxist United Nations and its statist members. We need to avoid giving the U.N. any authority in any way. This issue has the potential to be explosive in the future if enough sheeple ever come to the full realization of what the UFO phenomena may really mean, that at best we’re in someone’s nature preserve or at worst on their menu.