Every woman needs to know this about sex

FK – I’ve long heard it’s not a good idea to marry for sex. Probably another reason I never got married, since I really couldn’t think of another reason. I wasn’t about to get married just to help someone I felt no attraction for produce rugrats and then be forced to pay for it. It’s always astounded me how older women can lose interest but still expect their husbands to be true to them. It shows a lot of denial on their part or just plain ignorance.

Sex is a biological need that has been with us since before we crawled out of the oceans. It’s purpose is probably to further the virus. See the UFO vid below.

TO WIVES: Why Is Sex So Important?

If it’s in the bible it must be true, right?

After reading several of the comments and the responses by the religious nutcase I’m even more convinced that sex is a trap, marriage is the cage. It might be OK if we had 200 year lifespans like Vulcans whereby only a fraction of our healthy adult lives were committed to mortgages, car payments, shitty blue/white collar jobs whereby most only waste their time in exchange for money while destroying their health because they think they have to, all in the name of enriching the banksters and the corporate workaholic assholes.

The universe will be a better place when every man has his own starship with a holodeck.