ESPN Analyst: We Must Reprogram Men

And how did that come to be? How did it come to be that you think men and women are the same? Well, there’s a simple answer to the question: Feminism. The modern era of feminism is how you track that at its beginning. It manifested itself in crazy ways. Parents would try raising their daughters in blue rooms with GI Joe and try raising their sons in pink rooms with Barbie to see what would happen, and they were shocked.

The little girls started looking for outfits to redress GI Joe in. The little boys started conducting wars with Barbie and her friends. And the parents were shocked. See, they believed that it was conditioning and not nature that made men the predatory brutes that they are. They really did, and they still do. Modern-era feminists believe that there is no inherent difference in men and women, that it’s all the way they’re raised.

It’s all social. It is all about social cliches and pressures, that if you just leave boys and girls alone they’re gonna grow up and be identical. They’re gonna be the same in the way they look at life, the way they find things interesting. Nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, if it’s worth a cover story that men and women are born different, what in the world must you believe and who got you to believe it?

And I’m telling you: It’s feminism and liberalism and all these things that seek to make everybody the same, to make everybody “equal,” to have equal outcomes, make sure nobody’s offended or humiliated, and to make sure nobody’s really that much better than anybody else ’cause it isn’t fair all these differences.

FK – From observing many self-proclaimed ‘libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ I think our blood domestic enemies have been very successful in their war on the amerikan male. If they hadn’t been we’d have started hunting and eradicating them a long time ago. How sad. How pathetic.