Epic Riot Footage From Inside The Battle of Ferguson

FK – Season’s greetings from commie amerika.

Armed Business Owners Thwart Mobs In Ferguson Riots

Ferguson Protesters March Through L.A. (Updates)

Gen Honore: If Riots Not Stopped St Louis May Have to Invoke The Insurrection Act

CCMRF and Use of Federal Armed Forces In Civil Support Operations

FK – For once they should bring in the armed with real ammo ‘National’ Guard and shoot looters on sight. The ‘peaceful protesters’ need to use some common sense and stick to daylight hours in front of government buildings. But ‘peace’ ain’t what they’re after, whomever is really behind all this.

At least someone is standin’ up fer de white man:

FK – Considering human history everyone at some point had an ancestor who was some form of a slave. Time to wake up and grow up and end it.