Ebola Researcher: Disease Could Go Airborne at Any Moment

“Our own research shows that Ebola Zaire [common Ebola] enters human lung cells from the airway side. So it has the inherent capacity to enter the lung from the airway. I’m not saying that there’s any evidence that the current spread is due to anything but bodily fluid contact, but we have to consider the possibility that it can enter through an airway route,” said Sanders, adding that the virus can “morph” or “mutate” as the outbreak continues in Africa.

Elaborating further on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, Dr. Sanders stated, “It cannot be ruled out that it can acquire the capacity to go into the lung from the airway side.… I can’t put a number on how possible that is, but the most important message is: the longer the epidemic goes on, the more cases we have, the more likely it [be]comes.… If you have a million cases rather than 10,000 cases, that increases the chance about 100-fold.”

Viruses often mutate, which is why there are so many “strains” of flu. And how often do these mutations occur? Often enough so that flu shots are essentially useless, said epidemiologist and talk-show host Dr. Michael Savage yesterday on his Savage Nation radio show; he explained that the strain of flu virus on which a vaccine is based is not the same strain that will likely be prevalent during flu season, as he issued a warning about Ebola’s capacity to mutate into an even more contagious disease.

FK – I usually respect what the New American publishes, but I’m still not convinced to worry about it, unless it’s some kind of ‘false flag’ as some are claiming in which case the govt. and sheeple response to Ebola will probably be worse than the disease, uh Ebola. The real disease we face is called the Amerikan Communist Insurgency and their bankster masters.