DOJ and ATF appealing ‘No Angel’ Dobyns’ court settlement order

Dobyns gained fame after infiltrating the Hells Angels and writing about his experiences in his New York Times bestseller. The former agent has since been the subject of numerous reports focused on retaliation he has been subjected to for coming forward with information exposing official wrongdoing. He was also instrumental in providing background information on management personalities and practices involved in the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal.

After initially trying to kill “No Angel,” ATF put it on promotional display in their Washington, D.C. headquarters as an example of agency achievements. Once it became a success in terms of sales and the potential for of a film deal started to solidify, the bureau sought to share in the profits.

Dobyns had sued his employer for failure to properly investigate, and for reneging on protection agreements over death threats he received after the bureau withdrew his cover identity following the Hells Angels case. ATF went so far as to focus on the agent as its prime suspect, a suspicion he has since been cleared on.

FK – So was he investigating the bikers for alcohol, tobacco or firearms or just because they could get away with it? The Bikers may not be nice guys but to my knowledge they don’t break down average citizens’ doors at 3 am and shoot their pets, their kids or their grandmothers.

Let’s keep some focus on who our real enemies are and what will be required.