Does Carrying a Gun to Synagogue Make It Safer or More Dangerous?

It is easier to get a concealed carry permit in the 39 states known as “shall issue” states, where authorities must issue a concealed carry license unless there is a demonstrable reason not to do so. Such states include Florida, Texas and Illinois. In “may issue” states, such as California and New York, concealed carry licenses are much harder to obtain because they are issued at the discretion of local authorities.

Some rabbis approve of congregants coming armed to synagogue, though they are a minority.

Rabbi Stuart Federow, who leads Shaar Hashalom, a Conservative congregation in Houston, said that because synagogues are a prime terrorist target, he is thankful for congregants who arm themselves. He said that dozens of people of all ages show up to an informal Jewish group called Glocks & Bagels, which meets infrequently at a local firing range.

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