Do you know what too fat looks like?

When most people around us are overweight or obese, it’s hardly surprising that we no longer notice it. Fat has begun to look normal. In one sense, that’s great – the stigma that overweight people have suffered in the past because of the way they look must surely die away. But it’s a dangerous road. If we don’t know we are overweight, we may be at risk of sleepwalking into crumbling joints, heart problems and diabetes.

The latest evidence that we no longer see big as unhealthy comes from the US, where researchers from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago asked African American women volunteers to look at a “body image scale” made up of drawings of women of different sizes and identify which women on the scale were overweight, obese and “too fat”. They were also asked which picture featured a woman of approximately the same size as themselves. This is the visual scale they were given:

African American women body image scale

FK – Most aren’t ‘fat’ but many are. It’s the poison they’re selling us as ‘food’ and our modern society where few do physical labor or get real exercise. Making the same motions all day long in a factory isn’t exercise. It’s slow suicide.

I was right about the graph.