Do You Know Anyone Who Is Going To Hell?

What is hell?

We’re told that it’s a place of utter anguish and torment. An eternal destination for those who turn their backs on God and reject the Ten Commandments. Imagine the most painful, the most degrading, the most unspeakable torture you can imagine, multiply it by a thousand, and it probably will not come close to the reality of hell.

Flesh-eating demons, eternal fire, the stench of sulfur…

There’s no sleeping in hell. No rest or reprieve from continuous suffering and agony. And it lasts forever.

So who goes to hell?

FK – How disgusting. Those who most deserve hell are those who think it’s OK there is such a place. I’d rather go to hell than spend eternity with a bunch of brain dead sheep who think it’s fun to stand around praising some sadistic asshole who made billions of people knowing they would be tortured forever after this less than a blink of an existence, a sadistic asshole that was clearly patterned after the ancient tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their subjects and declared “Be good little slaves and subjects or I’ll torture and kill you.”

We are still a very primitive species. Our Founding Fathers, some of whom were some version of ‘christian’ at least codified in the Bill of Rights the notion of ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ though it will clearly be multiple generations before the human race is mature enough to understand what that means.

How many millions or billions more will die in religious wars before that happens? Sorry, wars aren’t really religious, greedy narcissistic leaders simply use the ancient manipulations to dupe their ignorant masses into thinking they’re fighting for god when the real goal is power and filthy lucre. It’s always been that way and clearly will be for some time to come.

Sorry, I forgot, we’re all gonna get beamed up soon even though we send our kids to the government schools so they can get ‘good jobs’ while they’re here in Satan’s world yet we can’t be bothered to try to affect the laws they’ll exist under because they’ll get beamed up before it matters.

And of course it’s OK if that sadistic asshole of a god burns billions of little kids and teenagers alive in fire forever because it’s all part of its ‘plan.’ And you’ll all stand around singing praises to it while you watch all the infants the catholic church didn’t sprinkle in time and all the 8-year-olds that weren’t cajoled or scared into ‘gettin’ saved’ in time, writhe in fire.

Huh? The human race is insane. I’ve seen/heard it all my life and it gets more disgusting every day…

FK – But they’re not truly ‘open-minded.’ That’s the problem. Blind faith and willful ignorance is easier.

The bible is clearly a lot of different crap made up by a lot of different ‘humans'(loosely defined) over time that was their idea of what god/religion/human nature/society/human behavior, is/should be/or could be. Most are too mal educated or not educated enough to grasp this.