Do Democrats Want To Legalize Post-Birth Abortion Up To Age 4?

FK – I’m all for ‘retroactive abortions’ for “Liberal”(commie) trash.

The sad fact is that once abortion is banned completely there’ll be a black market for it. We need real birth control that works available to all who are old enough to desire sex.

Chuck Baldwin: Rand Paul: Pros And Cons

*Rand’s recent homage to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby

This is another area where Rand’s father, Ron, was never willing to compromise. Ron had a constitutionally-correct understanding of America’s relationship with Israel and other Middle Eastern nations. And due to the constitutional ignorance (and scriptural misinterpretation regarding the modern state of Israel, thanks mostly to preachers such as John Hagee) of most Christian conservatives, it was this issue that most alienated many of them from Ron’s presidential campaigns. Doubtless, Rand is trying to circumvent that potential opposition from within the conservative Christian community by showing them, “See, I am not my father.”

Noted political researcher and analyst Joel Skousen put this in perspective recently, saying, “Rand Paul has the same problem [as Ted Cruz]. He’s decided that he can’t get ahead in politics without being a yes-man to the Israeli lobby, and so he takes his pilgrimage to Israel, meets with Netanyahu and other politically connected Israelis and pledges to stand with Israel. The problem with that position, as I’ve explained many times in the WAB [World Affairs Brief], is that Israel’s leaders are all compromised globalists (especially Netanyahu) so Christians have to learn to separate their allegiance to God’s promises of restoring the house of Israel to their homeland and the aggressive globalist policies of the Israeli government.” Amen!

FK – How sad, pathetic and disgusting that millions will go to the polls and instead of putting the Bill of Rights first they will only consider their allegiance to their version, sub-version or subversion of 3000-year-old tribal propaganda from a tribe that didn’t create its religion to help us, much less even imagine that such a nation and time would ever exist, and whose descendants are only using their supporters in this country as dupes to support a nation that shouldn’t even exist and wouldn’t if not for the wrangling of empires and banksters.