One thought on “DHS Says Anti-Gov’t Groups Are A Bigger Threat Than ISIS


    Of course their propaganda is directed toward “Anyone Not Going Along With The Changes In America” (Will Have To Be Controlled By Law Enforcement!). We are the ones the DHS has been built up to fight against, as they enforce unconstitutional laws, taking our constitutional rights! We are the ones they are attacking relentlessly! The war to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a less free socialist state is the ONLY war Obama WANTS to fight! They sure aren’t fighting ISIS! They sure aren’t guarding our borders! They are NOT permitted to talk about, think about, or train to fight “Islamic terrorists”! At a time when an unconstitutional executive order is being pushed through, taking the most common ammunition, for the most common rifle in the hands of citizens,in an effort to take the sole firearm enabling resistance to tyranny, this propaganda is foundation to labeling anyone who complains about it a “domestic extremist”! This is all part of “Change We Can Believe In” – (Or better yet “Change We Can’t Believe We Are Being Forced To Believe In!) – Joseph Goebbels would be SO PROUD!!!

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