Defense fund grows for NJ man busted by cops over antique pistol

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb issued a bristling press release late yesterday, stating that the case is “appalling.” If convicted, Van Gilder faces up to ten years in prison, amounting to a life sentence for the septuagenarian.

“New Jersey was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights,” Gottlieb observed, “and apparently the last state to recognize it. New Jersey officials need to be reminded that their state is still part of the United States, not a police state.”

But the nationally-known Second Amendment advocate went farther, noting, “This case underscores the vicious nature of gun law enforcement in New Jersey.” He pointed to the case of Shaneen Allen, the single mom from Philadelphia who was arrested last year for having her legally-owned and legally-licensed handgun after crossing into New Jersey on a social visit. Nappen also represented Allen, an African-American woman with a clean record, in a case that attracted national attention.

Van Gilder’s case is “sitting with the prosecutor,” Nappen said. “This case speaks volumes about the absurdity of gun laws in New Jersey.”

This morning, Van Gilder’s defense fund had grown to more than $14,000 of a $25,000 goal. The National Rifle Association’s NRA News has done a story on Van Gilder’s dilemma that is streaking across YouTube.

FK – “Streaking across YouTube.” Considering some of the stuff that’s on there I’m getting a not too pleasant visual…

Man, 72, faces ‘life sentence’ for unloaded, antique gun

FK – Maybe someone I know is right when he says we need to put the trash responsible for this kind of evil on a rock pile in Montana, for as long as they exist in this realm.

New York Times anti-gun agenda not limited to editorial page

Obama acting like ‘dictator in chief,’ Gottlieb asserts

FK – Some slightly better news:

Moms Demand Action Loses Again: TX Gov. Abbott Says He Will Sign Open Carry Law

‘Anti-gun’ attorney arrested for gun at airport

FK – And some questionable legislation?:

House panel fast-tracking bill to eliminate death penalty

FK – This is your answer: Search Kirk Bloodsworth. Read his Wikipedia page.

He spoke at a TBK meeting a few months back. I asked him if he was in favor of the death penalty for any reason. His answer is that once you kill an innocent man you can’t get him back. You can release an innocent man from prison, but not from the grave.

Our ‘just-us’ system is completely untrustworthy. It railroads people into prison on a regular basis. It’s set up that way. Prosecutors and cops are more interested in their records or quotas than in justice. Most convictions are on ‘circumstantial evidence.’ Even eye witnesses can’t always be trusted, simple fact.

We need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building in this country and the death penalty for elected, hired or appointed public servants who break their oaths to uphold the Bill of Rights and a militia force in every county to enforce it and make sure the granite gallows don’t fall into disuse.

‘Conservatives’ need to learn that the govt. can’t be trusted no matter which party is in control.