“Decision Day” Quickly Approaching on Whether Obama and Reid Will Dictate Gun Policy for the Next Ten Months

We knew that giving Boehner 247 Republican members and McConnell, 54 GOP senators, was not going to solve all of our problems — and allow us to relax for the next two years.

And, sure enough, it took Boehner and McConnell only a few days to hoist the first white flag of surrender — on a transcendently important issue.

Let’s face it:  None of the “Republican agenda” legislation being planned by Boehner and his minions is going anywhere.  Not Keystone Pipeline.  Not a repeal of the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  Not anything.

Rather, all government spending and policy will be contained in a single bill:  the government-funding “continuing resolution” — or “omnibus.”

So now, the debate raging in Washington is this:  Do the newly elected Republicans allow Reid’s discredited, repudiated “lame duck” Democrats to write a “continuing resolution” or “omnibus” which will set all spending and gun policy through September 30, 2015 (the end of the fiscal year).

FK – So now all we need is a republicrat NWO hack for the now red house so all the ‘tea partiers’ and fake conservatives can go back to the couch and the golf course until the demoncrats lie their way back into power with the assistance of the RINOs. The only way we’ll ever break out of this loop is by doing what will be required and restoring the Bill of Rights and ‘clarifying’ what Human Liberty is: the ability and right and duty and responsibility to kill those who would enslave you or enslave you further.

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