Dead Palestinians Don’t Matter to Mainstream Media

FK – And it’s justified via 3000 year-old tribal propaganda. What a pathetic species the human race still is. In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned.

FK – Here’s a solution: Arrest the globalist Zionist banksters and try them for treason against humanity. Take their assets and buy enough land in Western Australia from whomever owns it now to equal the land controlled by the ‘jews’ in Israel. Ship all the ‘jews’ in Israel to western Australia and tell them, “This is your ‘promised land’ now and leave the rest of us the hell out of it.” Of course the landowners in Western Australia should be paid a high market value for their land not the going rate.

FK – Sorry not all this last vid is on the 3000-year-old tribal propaganda issue but listen to their comments about Google toward the end. Google is evil and is being used by the PTAWTB to mainstream(politically correct) the net.