Dave and Bill celebrate the death of Sarah Brady.

FK – When ted the red kennedy died I remember ‘conservatives’ expressing their condolences for a highly educated if not intelligent evil creature that had spent it’s existence trying to disarm and enslave them. That was very disturbing and disheartening to me. They just don’t get it.

Our domestic blood enemies spend their elite lifetimes working to control every aspect of our existences in this world. When one of them croaks we should celebrate. It is certain they shed no tears when a patriot dies or when one of their black-suited Nazis or soldiers kills a ‘terrarrrasit'(domestic) or causes ‘collateral damage’ such as the children murdered outside Waco, Texas.

But I expected them to be at the range, not that I mind them drinking Kentucky Whiskey. Maybe we should have an annual Sarah Brady shoot on the anniversary of its death?