Cyrellys: Old World Celt

O tyrant I see you and you shall not pass. I bar the threshold with my self before you!

O tyrant you call me whore. Fine. I call you slave. For you are bound by your bedfellows of rules, regulations, and mandates, whilst I am bound only by reason, logic, and craftsmanship. Imagination is my kinsman. Liberty my mother. And Justice my father. And the Creative Universal Source who others call God is my Craft-master and guide; for I am its apprentice!

I embrace the Pursuit of Happiness for each of my fellow humans. And I do not limit any of this to mankind. The stars are a universe of communities, undiscovered by self-limited minds.  I am fully myself and you will not note me as politically correct. I will respect the views of another to a honest and fair degree, but I will not sacrifice myself or what I am for the convenience of someone else, particularly any who are unable to respect who and what I am before any question of societal or political differences are laid bare.

FK – It’s the spirit of Human Liberty that matters, as small as it is in most hearts. Most do what is convenient, ideals, higher principals being out of their mental reach. Simple fact. It’s up to that tiny minority, always has been, always will be.

My German, English, Irish, ‘native’ American ancestors make me a mutt. Maybe some of them fought for something. One was a Confederate cavalryman, maybe the only one who stood for a true cause. But since I cannot know his heart and the real reason he fought it will remain a mystery, at least for this realm.

We can only carry on, a day, a battle at time.