CUE HYSTERIA: First ever feticide conviction in US

FK – The “Liberal”(commie) trash, the real ‘red’ team(their propagandists switched the colors) want to have sex with everything and anything and the ‘christian conservatives’ feel some deep set need to produce more babies for their sadistic asshole of a god to hold by their heels over hell-fire so it can tell them “Be my mindless slaves or I’ll torture you and/or kill you!” just like the ancient tyrannical kings it was patterned after.

The human race is insane and we still exist in a very dark age. Supposedly they’re working on a fool-proof birth control for men now. If it’s proven to work every 14 year-old should get it, but we know that won’t happen. As a society we’d rather hand out condoms and bibles to 8-year-olds.

Both sides in this absurd ‘culture war’ are getting it wrong:

FK – So all the great men/women of the past who gave us science, Liberty, matches, bananas, snow sleds, cars, milk shakes, their lives were meaningless?

Most are truly incapable of seeing beyond their own piddling existences. That’s why old grave yards are forgotten and children are told to ‘go get a job’ and billions are waiting to get beamed up before things get too bad and billions more waste all their time in the pursuit of money, things, false security, all while knowing they too will die.

  • I think killing babies is flat out wrong, whether they are born or unborn, it’s still a human being and the feds should not sanction it, but then they do lots of stuff they shouldn’t, so what else is new.

    • Barry Bright

      I basically agree but it’s one of those things that when outlawed a black marked will automatically develop. If women are using these Chinese herbs or whatever it’s already there.

      We need to work on real birth control and real ‘choice’ in when humans reproduce and genetic engineering that actually works though we may be generations from that, or both.