Court Rules Search Engines can Censor Results

FK – All news media is ‘owned’ by someone, even National Propaganda Radio, and thus can argue ‘freedom of speech’ to disseminate what they want. But at the end of the day there is no such thing as a ‘right’ to destroy human Liberty, never has been, never will be. The old mainstream newswhores were and are committing treason against the aforementioned, if indeed you can be a traitor to something you hate. If Google and the other big corporations that the net has spawned move to re-mainstream the net they will have to be dismantled or worked around as this author(The Internet: Killer Virus of the State) seems to think it will be so easy to do. But the problem is not what the fringe can or cannot do, it’s how far from the ‘center’ can the fringe be herded so that the common herd soon forgets it even existed, especially in the face of some ’emergency’ real or constructed.

What the newswhores report is usually less of a problem than all the stuff they refuse to because their job at the end of the day is to keep the general population pacified and stupid.

Makes one wonder who really controls what we see and hear: