Connecticut gun control now in full effect

According to The Blaze via The Conservative Angle, as of today long guns cannot be sold or transfered unless the citizen has one of the following documents — a permit to carry handguns, a long gun eligibility certificate, or a certificate of eligibility for handguns, all of which must be issued by the state.

In addition, only those with the documents listed above will be allowed to purchase ammunition, unless that citizen has an ammunition certificate issued by the state.

And having a hunting license will not give hunters the ability to purchase long guns for hunting. Hunters must have a certificate from the state that specifically allows them to buy long guns.

FK – We need to bulldoze those NE commie states into the Atlantic and let them swim to Europe where they belong.

One thought on “Connecticut gun control now in full effect

  1. Marty Commins

    The People get the Government they deserve. Are you the person on your drivers license, your birth certificate, your social insecurity card, your car loan, your bank account, your mortage? If you answered yes to any of these you deserve this facist nazi oligarchy. Why? Because of your Ignorance and Apathy for the Truth. Find out who you are and they loose their power over you. Checkout the strawman illusion on youtube, then follow this path to freedom.

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