Conn. can try to confiscate guns, magazines, but threatened owners have options

With the Connecticut government having no reason to suspect the first group of any crime, they are in a less precarious position than the last–for now. The problem is that the gun ban zealots clearly despise the “grandfather” clause, and if they can at some time in the future get the votes, will be ecstatic to make the band retroactive, and thus confiscatory, and the “authorities” will know just where the newly “illegal” guns are.

The strongest position by far is held by the second group–the one that defied the new law. As discussed before, that group is likely to retain their guns–and their liberty–longer than either of the other two.

Still, all need not be lost for the last group–the obedient, but tardy, attempted registrants. The letter might be intimidating, but just how much does Connecticut have with which to back it up? If the recipients of the letter do nothing, and the state decides to push the issue, what can they do? How many judges would be willing to issue search warrants?

FK – Why is the trash that wrote these laws still stealing our oxygen? Because we exist in a nation of apathetic cowardly whores who value their ‘retirement plans’ and toys more than their Liberty. They will lose all and I will enjoy watching.