Congressman says House can cut off funds for Obama pet projects

Is such a tactic risky? Yes, immensely so. Harry Reid will use every tactic in his vast arsenal to tar and feather House Republicans, including lies and character assassination. He has done it before.

And since this is an election year, the midterms, the risk of such a drastic course of action is greatly intensified. One wrong move could cost the Republicans control of the House and dash any hopes of retaking control of the Senate.

A far less risky approach would be to wait until after November. Then, if projections are correct, Republicans will control both the House and Senate for the first time since 2006. At that time, Congress can systematically nullify and rescind every executive order signed by Obama.

FK – Klinton was impeached and now it’s running around making millions from speeches and book deals. With any luck it’ll get to be first lady and Hitlery will keep the republicrats off the golf course another 4 years so that maybe they’ll actually pay attention and learn something.