Congressional ‘progressives’ only anti-gun when it comes to citizens

A bill introduced in the House aims to “stems the trend of federal regulatory agencies developing SWAT-like teams,” the office of Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah announced in a press release issued on June 23 but just recently starting to gain notice in the gun rights advocacy community.

“In recent years, numerous federal regulatory agencies – including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Food and Drug Agency and the Department of Education – have created their own special law enforcement teams to conduct their own arrests and raids. This is in part a product of the 2002 Homeland Security Act, which gave most Offices of Inspector General arrest and firearm authority,” the press release explained.

FK – Why isn’t the NRA at the forefront of legislation like this?

Congress working on bill to de-militarize federal regulatory agencies

FK – Has your elected public servant signed onto this yet? The press release for the bill:

Rep. Stewart Introduces Bill to De-Militarize Federal Regulatory Agencies