Commie watch – The Tea Party is Getting Worse: Media May Want a New Narrative, but GOP is Still Nuts

It’s not over in the U.S. Congress, where a shutdown-in-miniature is unfolding between the White House and the Tea Party wing of the GOP. It’s not over in Wisconsin, where a Tea Party-darling governor is slashing the state university system’s funding, changing its mission statement (while lying about it), and fighting tooth and nail to humiliate people on government benefits. It’s not over in North Carolina, where a billionaire-backed Tea Party government is also going after the public university system in its effort to turn the state into Kansas. And it’s not over in South Carolina, where one state representative hopes to mainline National Rifle Association propaganda to a generation of public school students.

Let’s stick with the South Carolina example for a moment, because I think it tells us much about the contemporary GOP’s character. According to Kimberly Johnson of Al Jazeera America, the recent decision on the part of PTR Industries, a gun manufacturer, to move its headquarters from Connecticut to South Carolina has inspired Republican state Rep. Alan Clemmons to propose what he’s calling the “Second Amendment Education Act.” As the name implies, the bill would “provide all public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools” with “instruction in the Second Amendment” for no fewer than “three consecutive weeks in one grading period in each academic year.” The curriculum would be written by the NRA, of course.

FK – I knew what the snake flag stood for before the ‘tea party’ was cool. I knew we needed “Liberal”(commie) trash season years ago.

Here’s the article about the “No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group maybe doing something right:

SC bill aims to prove state gun-friendly through NRA curriculum in schools

FK – We need to get the entire Bill of Rights back into the schools and the “Liberal”(commie) trash out of them and into a leaky rowboat headed to Australia. Though sometimes they are partly right about some things:

The Hard Right in Congress Has a Dangerous Plan to Strip American ‘Terrorists’ of Their Citizenship

FK – We should be stripping the hard corps “Liberal”(commie) trash activists, by whatever cute names they call themselves, of their fake ‘citizenship’ and shipping the creatures out of the country. They can’t be traitors, for one can’t be a traitor to something one has always hated. They’ll do the same to us if they can, if they can’t ‘re-educate’ us in a FEMA camp.