Col. Roy Potter Ripps Oathkeepers and Sherrif Mack!

FK – The PTAWTB will do anything they think they can get away with. That’s the ‘anything’ that’s in the dictionary.

Certainly the fed Nazis or military intelligence or someone had agents or narcs with the Bundy defenders just like they’re peppered throughout the patriot movement. They’re probably building a list as they always do. They will single out the leaders in the future for whatever they can do to them.

Obviously our best hope is the fed Nazi trash keep doing stupid things and showing the sheeple what they really are.

‘Abducting’ federal agents for trial would be very counter productive at this point. The sheeple are too stupid to understand that. Save it for the war crimes trials.

The ‘problem’ is they’re putting a paycheck, career and retirement plan ahead of the Bill of Rights. That’s high treason no matter the other arguments.