Chuck Baldwin: It’s Not Over

That America is spiraling on a collision course with calamity seems certain. We seem to be ignoring virtually all of the lessons of history, and, well, you know what one fellow said about the folly of doing that. I join the consensus of patriots and freedom-lovers throughout the country who believe America’s future is filled with all sorts of stormy weather. As a matter of fact, the storms are all around us already.

For one thing, most of the people who should be helping us in the freedom fight cannot see past the end of their ballot. They think, as long as they elect “conservatives” to public office, all is well with the world. And since the GOP now controls both houses of Congress in Washington, D.C., the vast majority of our good brothers and sisters are already all tucked in for extended hibernation. They will reemerge from under their blankets about three months before the general election in 2016 and start screaming their support for whomever the neocon candidate happens to be. Why, they are already ignoring the fact that the precious Republicans they just elected to the House and Senate a few weeks ago are already signaling that they will to do NOTHING to thwart Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, which was the single most defining issue that helped give the Congress to the GOP. Republicans on Capitol Hill are famous for doing NOTHING to fulfill the promises they made on the campaign trail to their constituents. And Republican voters are famous for reelecting them anyway. Good grief! Republicans in South Carolina can’t even get rid of Lindsey Graham; and Republicans in Arizona can’t even get rid of John McCain.

Even the great Republican “conservative,” Mitt Romney, is now on record saying that the GOP should “swallow hard” and pass a PERMANENT amnesty bill. And even though he says he is not running for President in two years, he continues to be the frontrunner in most of the GOP preference polls. What does that tell you?

FK – Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard much of this before, for years. I have much respect for Baldwin and what few ‘christians’ actually stand up for something besides waving their hands around mindlessly waiting for the big beam up. It ain’t gonna happen and if it does it won’t be what they expect or want and if it is real so few will be missing that they’ll just be added to the ‘missing persons’ list and our existences will continue as if nothing happened.

Time to wake up and grow up and pick up the plow or the sword or the pen or whatever you feel you are capable of using. This is a multi-front war, always has been. It’s way past time to prepare for what will be required for eventually our domestic blood enemies will give up on the peace and love solution and seek to master our hearts and minds via brute force. They really already are, by picking us off one by one or a few at a time. See the rest of this update page.

The Bill of Rights is what makes us exceptional along with that tiny minority in every generation that the herd barely or doesn’t even realize exists. Focus on who your real enemies are and don’t let them make you afraid to call them what they are. When they control the dialogue they control the battlefield.

FK – Mindless tribal garbage indeed. Remember, we outnumber them: