Christian Parents’ Violent Reaction to Son Coming Out Caught on Camera

When 19-year-old Kennesaw, Georgia native Daniel Pierce came out to his father, step-mother and grandparents this week, they did not take the news well, to say the least. The young man decided to start filming the interaction with his family, which quickly turned verbally abusive and physically violent. The five minute video he shot on his phone and later posted to YouTube has spread wide and far over the last few days, reaching nearly 4 million views.

During the confrontation, Pierce’s family cities “the word of God” to explain why they believe his sexual orientation is wrong. His father calls him “queer” and a “disgrace” before his step-mother begins physically beating him. The teen was since kicked out of his house and is staying with a sympathetic aunt.

FK – If he was born that way it’s a BIRTH DEFECT. If he wasn’t born that way, it’s a mental illness. If there’s more of these BIRTH DEFECTS now then we need to be finding out why. I’ve had ENOUGH of the insanity on both ends of this stick.  I’ve had ENOUGH of idiots expecting me to lie for them.