Charges: Ex-animal rights activist caught with machine gun

Previously caught hacking a phone line to harass a pharmaceutical company executive, Nathan Brasfield is alleged to have shown a fully automatic rifle to an FBI informant while offering to sell the man pistols. Brasfield, 35, was arrested Tuesday after the FBI searched his Lake Forest Park home and seized the suspected machine gun.

Investigators contend Brasfield, a nine-time felon, was caught on tape expounding on his right to possess the modified weapon, which he kept loaded in a hallway closet at his home.

FK – So glad the Fed Nazis exist to ‘protect’ us from such dangerous characters and provide themselves job security. If he’s dangerous and was imprisoned why was he released from prison? They release them so they can use them as examples. But this guy apparently never committed a violent felony so why was his most basic right stolen? So they can claim there are ‘criminals’ on the street who don’t need guns.