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Happy Constitution Day! Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo

The trouble dates back to Cinco de Mayo (May 5) in 2010, when officials at Live Oak High — a school with a predominant Mexican-American student body — forced the students to remove their American flag-festooned shirts. Administrators called the shirts “incendiary” and worried that fighting would break out between white and Latino students if Latino students noticed the shirts. So, assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez told the students to turn their shirts inside out or leave school.

Students of Mexican heritage told local media that the students who wore American flag T-shirts should apologize. They said ethnically Mexican students wouldn’t wear a Mexican flag on the Fourth of July (not a school day, but never mind).

The high school, located 20 miles south of San Jose, has experienced numerous gang problems. Nevertheless, the school seems to have organized impressive Cinco de Mayo celebrations in recent years.

FK – We will have to re-conquer southern commiefornia…

Radical leftists clamor for socialism, revolution at ‘People’s Climate March’

The protest, according to The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastach, is supported by hundreds of groups, including SEIU, the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA and various state chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In short, a literal who’s who of leftist groups support the protest calling for an end to capitalism.

The Democratic Socialists of America, Ecosocialist Horizons, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Freedom Socialist Party, the International Socialist Organization, Socialist Action and the Socialist Alternative also support the march, Bastach added. Groups representing Jews, Sikhs and Buddhists also support the effort.

The march comes as satellite data indicates there has not been any global warming for some 18 years, Breitbart added. Nevertheless, environmentalists insist “something” must be done.

FK – ‘Hundreds’ of commie groups in this country and idiots waste their time wringing their hands over a few ragheads hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.

We should have kept the troops home from Korea and Vietnam and had them kill the commies here first. We need to bring the troops home, activate the militias and do it now, before it’s too late.

And speaking of commies:

Mob Violence, Terrorists, & Fears of Tyranny: Are You Arming & Armoring Up?

And of course, there are the long-running concerns in some circles that a lawless executive branch is using the ATF, BLM, EPA, FBI, IRS and other federal agencies to attack political opponents, suggesting that the federal government is now a corrupted force for tyranny, instead of a force for freedom.

Because of these issues—among others—Americans are increasing buying not just firearms, but are also increasingly investing in both soft body armor of the kind used by police to resist pistol bullets, and also hard armor plates similar to those worn by the military, designed to stop multiple rifle bullets.

FK – As always, our biggest enemies are right here. The government is our greatest threat hands down.

Rand Paul blisters Obama and Clinton, calls for GOP diversity

Those were the easy targets, however.  Paul’s more passionate appeal was one that he has forwarded across the country in such unlikely venues as UC Berkeley. Paul’s argument — that the party needs to expand from its older and white base, groups amply represented among the delegates — was framed as one that could reverse the party’s long record of thumpings in California and its national presidential losses.

“When our party looks like America — with earrings and without earrings, with ponytails and without ponytails, with tattoos and without tattoos — when we look like the rest of America — white, black, brown — we’re going to win again,” he told an audience gathered near LAX. “We’ve got to go out and we’ve got to broaden our party, and when we do, we’ll be a national party again. We will win again.”

Paul suggested a freshening of the GOP message — he did not, he said, mean to suggest that the party “dilute” its principles and “be more like Democrats” — in order to attract young voters and the Latino and African American voters who have spurned the party in California and elsewhere.

FK – That’s diversity within Liberty. Peace and love without Liberty is slavery.

Senator Paul needs to stay in the Senate and let Hitlery have the now red house so the republicrats and ‘tea partiers’ won’t go back to the golf course or the couch after electing another NWO hack.

Senate Democrats Vote to Approve Obama Amnesty

Can rights be restored once they are gone?

The United States has already outlived all other great nations in history. As noted by the following quote that has been attributed to various and sundry political experts, “Great nations rise and fall in 200 year cycles.” We as Americans are already well beyond that limit.

And as incredibly pessimistic a statement such as the following may be, it is a terrible truth that must be faced — the upcoming election in November is not going to save us from our current fateful course. Too many Americans have thrown in with peddlers of taxpayer funded entitlements that they will continue to vote for them no matter what. Even if the Senate goes Republican we are not out of the woods. Too many of them have aligned themselves with the D.C. elitist class. To be sure there are candidates and elected officials here and there who are trying their best to guard the Constitution and restore the parts that have been shredded. But there are not enough of them.

Thus, so far precious little has been done to stop the ominous tide of “progressive” anti-constitutionalists who are leading us over the cliff. Unless this is stopped, we’re done.

FK – Someone else who recognizes what will be required.

NRA Life of Duty Defending Our America | Episode 12: Who Are The Bad Guys?

FK – Any commiefornia, New York, Connecticut, et al officer who enforces the evil gun laws of those states is guilty of treason and should be tried and executed for such. In fact there are no ‘good gun laws.’

All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more ‘control’ until full citizen disarmament is attained. Thus all gun control is an act of war and all who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against Human Liberty and executed.

All LEOs should be going directly to the elected public servants who pass these evil laws, arresting them and taking them to the prosecutors and demanding, “Try this trash for treason and execute it or we will do the same to you!”

When that happens I’ll ‘respect’ so-called ‘law enforcement’ again.

Anti-gun Group Wants to Ban Rifles “Too Accurate” for Civilians

NBC’s call to treat home invaders ‘like royalty’ even worse than first appears

WaPo editorial exemplifies why gun owners dislike press

Anti-gun ‘study’ implies racist outcomes from gun ownership

Now see what the creators of these ‘laws’ intentionally produce because it’s good propaganda:

2 dead, 13 wounded in city shootings: ‘Please don’t let me die’

Here’s one group that is worth being involved with:

What Title II Regulation of the Internet Actually Means

Like so much of the legislation passed under FDR’s New Deal, the broad scope of the powers granted to government here is breathtaking. The FCC wants the authority to force ISPs to provide service against their will, at times for free, to withstand endless harassment from complaints which are not the result of direct harm, and bend unquestioningly to whatever rules the intentionally vague and capricious “just and reasonable” Commission may demand. Furthermore, the FCC claims the authority to punish any violation of its unilateral terms by fines that are left entirely up to its own discretion.

If all that is not enough to convince you that the powers claimed by the FCC go far beyond the prevention of discrimination, into the realms of complete and dictatorial control over internet service provision, with potentially disastrous consequence, I urge all people who love the internet for the freedom of expression it allows to take heed of the following.

Section 223:

Whoever in interstate or foreign communications by means of a telecommunications device knowingly makes, creates, or solicits, and initiates the transmission of, any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image, or other communication which is obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent, with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass another person shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

The internet is doomed.

FK – The greedy corporate workaholic assholes who run the net are often no better.

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels

“I don’t think that anyone who favors divestment is arguing that the institutions’ sale of the fossil fuel company stock is going to have much impact, if any, on either the stocks or the companies themselves,” he said, since the market capitalizations of the companies is immense.

Even if the movement were to depress share prices, the energy companies, which make enormous profits from their products, do not need to go to capital markets to raise money, he noted. But in the long term, he said, “divestment seeks to work indirectly on these companies by changing the conversation about the climate.”

FK – Gee, and here I was feeling sorry for the bastards cause they have to charge us over 3 bucks a gallon for gas. We hang the greedy corporate workaholic assholes right after we hang the commies.

Secret weapon to take over America revealed

Dr. Mark Christian, an obstetrician and former Egyptian Muslim with direct family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is talking a lot these days about “stealth jihad.” He says it’s the Brotherhood’s way of exploiting liberal immigration policies while working relentlessly through various Islamic front groups to pressure government, education and religious institutions to make concessions to Islam.

“Their plan here is to use the influence of the U.S. to further their own agenda. It has been going on for quite some time,” said Christian, who broke with the Islamic faith in 2003, converted to Christianity and came to America two years later. He changed his name and settled in Nebraska, only to be threatened and harassed by Muslims, including some from his own family.
Dr. Mark Christian

“The Muslim Brotherhood is so big right now and so influential and so wealthy that they can do things on their own,” he said. “The only thing that is missing is the power of the U.S. military to be on their side.”

FK – It’s the commies in the European governments that allowed this to happen over there. It will be the same here. So who are our greatest enemies?

What could we be without all the hate and slavery and sadistic asshole gods who are going to burn billions alive in fire forever?