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Teacher’s arrest over future school shooting novel suggests antigun hysteria

If there’s more to the story of a Maryland middle school teacher being suspended and “taken in for emergency medical evaluation” than the fact that he wrote a novel involving school shootings in the distant future, administrators and police aren’t talking, WBOC16 reported last week.

23-year-old language arts teacher Patrick McLaw, a.k.a. Dr. K.S. Voltaer and Patrick Beale, is also a novelist writing under a pen name employed by Mace Lane Middle School in Cambridge. He’s the author of two books set 900 years from the present, “The Insurrectionist,” and its sequel, “Lilith’s Heir,” which “caught the attention of police and school board officials in Dorchester County” because of the school shooting scenarios they detailed.

Pending the release of further information, it’s impossible to tell if McLaw did or said anything beyond authoring novels reflective of contemporary commercial fiction that gave authorities credible reason to believe he was a real threat to himself and/or others. Without such details, speculation about “Soviet-style punishment for a novelist” are to be expected, as is an equally likely possibility that this could simply be the type of zero tolerance insanity that results in bizarre gross official overreactions, like a student being suspended for writing about shooting dinosaurs.

FK – More to this below. Don’t miss the comments on the first one:

Cambridge Mace’s Lane Middle School Teacher on Administrative Leave

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment for a Novelist

Reddit documents how often police shoot people’s dogs

There’s r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut, where people post stories about police abuse. There’s r/Police_v_Video, which advocates for greater respect for citizens’ rights to shoot video footage of police on the job. And there’sr/copwatch, which, as the name implies, watches cops.

In addition to these subreddits, there is another that tracks an oft-overlooked corner of the growing tide of police militarization recently thrust into the limelight by the heavy-handed police crackdown on protestors in Ferguson. While new stories on the subreddit trickle in at a rate of a few a week, r/puppycide’s efforts to document instances of police fatally shooting people’s pet dogs is positively heartbreaking for any animal lover.

A Reddit user going by the handle Ozzymandiaas started the community about a year ago as a way to give exposure to an issue that, while relatively widespread, typically doesn’t receive a great deal of media attention.

FK – Time to learn how to SWAT Nazi-proof your house.

Indiana grandmother suffers violent SWAT raid after a neighbor uses her wireless internet

FK – Every neighborhood needs a militia team to respond to the black-suited trash.


Obama Sued For Funding Terrorist Group Hamas

FK – Better Hitlery in the now red house than a faker republicrat that will cause all the brain-dead ‘conservatives’ and ‘tea-partiers’ to go back to the golf course or the couch. Better to keep them all fired up and buying guns and ammo and come to terms with what will be required.

It’s time for idiots to stop killing each other over 3000 year-old tribal propaganda and dragging the rest of us into it.

Time to move the Israelies to Australia and let them have their ‘holy land’ there. They can re-write their ancient tribal propaganda.

Is there a microchip implant in your future?

Chips are being used today to manage farm animals. Farmers can track sheep, pigs and horses as they move through a gate, weigh them instantly and make sure they are eating properly.

“Those same chips have found their way into RFID devices to activate the gas pump from a key ring and for anti-theft devices in cars,” said Stu Lipoff, an electrical engineer and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers spokesman.

“There have been people who volunteered to use them for opening the door of an apartment as a personalized ID using your arm. It could be used to track criminals targeted for patrol who might wander into a restricted area.”

FK – Make no mistake, they consider us all to be livestock. You must understand that first.

FBI Terror Report: Militia, Sovereign Citizens Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorists

But, as journalist Kurt Nimmo pointed out, sovereign citizens do not actually constitute a cohesive movement despite the government’s attempts to characterize them as such.

“The START report also neglects to mention that virtually all high-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States after 9/11 were directed by the FBI and the U.S. government, a fact reported by The New York Times,” he wrote.

Additionally, in 2009 the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) distributed a law enforcement bulletin entitled The Modern Militia Movement which instructed police to be on the lookout for Americans displaying “political paraphernalia” such as Gadsden flags and Ron Paul bumper stickers.

MIAC, a federal law enforcement information sharing hub more commonly known as a fusion center, described itself as a “mechanism to collect incident reports of suspicious activities” in order to “identify potential trends or patterns of terrorist or criminal operations within the state of Missouri.”

FK – The federal govt. is the biggest threat we face, hands down.

Ticks That Can Make People Severely Allergic To Meat Are Spreading In The U.S.

The connection between Lone Star ticks and meat allergies in America first came to light in 2008. At the time, Thomas Platts-Mills and Scott Commins, both allergy specialists at the University of Virginia Health System, were trying to understand why some of their patients had developed a severe allergic reactions to cetuximab, an intravenous cancer-fighting drug. The doctors eventually learned that Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in their patients were reacting with a sugar in the drug called alpha-gal. It was peculiar, since nearly everyone produces these antibodies, but not every patient reacted poorly to the drug.

Commins and Platts-Mills discovered these strange reactions occurred in patients who all hailed from the same place: the southeastern United States. So a lab technician Googled for medical conditions that fit geographically with the allergy they were seeing. Sure enough, they found that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever—a tickborne disease—affected the same areas.