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NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Prosecutor Requests Delay in Shaneen Allen Case

FK – Yeah, let’s ‘reconsider’ an evil system that persecutes people and ruins their lives just because they choose to be able to defend themselves.

Dear ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group: The ‘bad guys’ need to be in prison. If they aren’t there’s a problem isn’t there? If someone is walking the street they’ve never been convicted of a crime or they have been judged ‘safe’ or ‘trustworthy’ to return to society. If they were non-violent offenders their most basic right should never be brought into question.

Does Carrying a Gun to Synagogue Make It Safer or More Dangerous?

It is easier to get a concealed carry permit in the 39 states known as “shall issue” states, where authorities must issue a concealed carry license unless there is a demonstrable reason not to do so. Such states include Florida, Texas and Illinois. In “may issue” states, such as California and New York, concealed carry licenses are much harder to obtain because they are issued at the discretion of local authorities.

Some rabbis approve of congregants coming armed to synagogue, though they are a minority.

Rabbi Stuart Federow, who leads Shaar Hashalom, a Conservative congregation in Houston, said that because synagogues are a prime terrorist target, he is thankful for congregants who arm themselves. He said that dozens of people of all ages show up to an informal Jewish group called Glocks & Bagels, which meets infrequently at a local firing range.

FK – Most ‘Jews‘ are secular Marxists. Glad there are a few smart ones.

Why Jewish Americans vote Democratic

Missouri expands firearm legislation to schools

The new law allows any person with a valid concealed carry permit to openly carry their firearm of choice wherever they please, including in areas where firearms are publicly banned, such as schools.  This law also supersedes any city or town ordinances which ban the carrying of firearms in public.

School boards in Missouri already allow for teachers to carry concealed firearms on campuses, but the new law would require the Department of Public Safety to set up training courses and guidelines to train specific teachers or administrators for the new role of “school protection officer.”

FK – Now we need to get martial arts and weapons training for the kids in the schools. Let the “Liberal”(commie) trash whine over that.

Who Killed Joan Rivers?

That most of Joan’s peers did NOT crucify her for her statement that Michelle Obama is a transvestite makes me tend to believe that they all know Joan told the truth and just didn’t have the courage to say it. Plus, she was JOAN RIVERS: the quintessential icon of the entertainment left.

My question is, what if Joan Rivers actually told the TRUTH about the Obamas? What if it’s true that Barack and Michelle (Or is the name Michael?) really are homosexuals, that Michelle really is a man, and that they have pulled off the greatest political hoax in the history of the United States? The timing of Rivers’ death is an incredible coincidence, if it’s not true. That is for sure.

Rivers went in for what would be regarded as simple out-patient surgery. How many millions of Americans have gone through this, and similar surgeries, without a hitch? Granted, she was 81. But she was a healthy 81. Granted, fluke deaths do sometimes happen during “simple” surgeries. But what a coincidence! The most iconic female comedian in the entire country accuses Michelle Obama of being a transvestite, and less than two months later, she is dead.

FK – I think she was likely killed by her own vanity, but then I wasn’t there…

Mirage Men (2014) – USA (Documentary) – Full HD

FK – I watched this on Netflix. Hard to make heads or tails of it except to say it’s business as usual per the government. The UFO movement, like religion, is going to have its share of hucksters, fakers and liars. Well, probably no where near as bad as ‘religion,’ whatever version, sub-version or subversion.

“For it is a habit of mankind to entrust to careless hope what they long for, and to use sovereign reason to thrust aside what they do not fancy.” – Thucydides, from his History of the Peloponnesian War p. 276  Book 4 

FK – The phenomena is real. Those who say they ‘know’ what it is are possibly lying or providing their own simple explanation that alleviates them from having to actually think about the universe we exist within.

Here’s how “disruptive innovation” works in nature: a killing-machine fish has colonized reefs from Venezuela to Rhode Island

Fish don’t get fat in their natural habitat. For one thing, surviving involves a lot more cardio exercise, since their prey know to avoid them. And while chasing down dinner, lionfish also have to dodge their own natural predators, mainly groupers and moray eels (oh—and themselves; when food is scare they’ll eat their young).

But the Atlantic Ocean’s “market participants” have never before faced this disruptive new competitor. The lionfish’s new prey aren’t evolutionarily primed to flee from them, and no bigger predators have adapted a taste for them, says Carl Safina, founder of the Blue Ocean Institute.

This is why, in five weeks, a single lionfish can wipe out four-fifths of a reef’s small fish. Worse, they’re also prolific breeders; they hit sexual maturity within a year and start cranking out 40,000 eggs every few days after that.

FK – One wonders what the PETA freaks think of this… Oh yeah, it was wrong to imprison the fish in an aquarium in the first place. Can we train them to eat “Liberal”(commie) trash?