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The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court has ruled police officers no longer need a warrant to search a citizen’s vehicle.

Under prior law, an officer who smells marijuana inside a car, for example, could only search the car with the driver’s consent — or if illegal substances were in plain view.

Now, based on the opinion, it only takes reasonable probable cause for an officer to go ahead with a search without a warrant.

FK – What’s so unbelievable about a black-robed shyster serving its masters?

How to text while driving

FK – Kids in the car are possibly a far greater distraction so all kids in vehicles should be sedated. Brain dead women who think the whole world should slow down because they have ‘babies’ in the car, who they think everyone’s universe should now revolve around, should be sedated and kept from driving at all.

What is the Legal Risk of Buying a Gun at a Turn In (aka a buy back)?

For the purposes of legal action that might be taken against a purchaser, it is the number of guns that are reported stolen and available to be found on a database searched by police that is important.   Many millions of guns were manufactured before the government started to mandate that guns have serial numbers.   There is no way to determine if those firearms were stolen, unless there is some sort of distinctive marking that could connect the firearm to a previous owner.   That sort of marking could be input into the FBI data base nearly as easily as a serial number.

The FBI has maintained the database of stolen guns for the United States since 1967, so we have about 46 years of data in the system.   There are a few state data bases, such as Florida’s, but it is a reasonable assumption that most of the firearms in state databases would also be reported to the FBI for inclusion in the National Crime Information Center  (NCIC) system.

FK – We need to repeal GCA ’68 and the NFA. Stolen weapons could be dealt with via a public but privately owned internet database with serial numbers only being recorded by the companies that make the weapons and those who purchase them, as it should be.

D.C. Starts Issuing Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants

Today the District starts issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants who have lived in the city for at least six months, joining only 10 states and Puerto Rico that currently do so.

Until today, undocumented immigrants in D.C. who wanted to drive a car had to do so illegally, since they were not eligible for a driver’s license. But last year the D.C. Council passed and Mayor Vincent Gray signed a bill creating a new license and ID card for residents in the country illegally, following the lead of states like Maryland and California.

The limited-purpose licenses are being made available today, and city officials estimate that between 16,000 and 19,000 residents could get one of the new licenses. According to immigrant advocates, the new credentials will offer numerous benefits to their holder.

FK – One wonders how they ‘document’ they’ve been there for 6 months… They’ll be voting next, by absentee ballot, from Mexico.

Ten Thoughts on the Second Amendment and Gun Control

5. The right to keep and bear arms is a private property issue.

It is just as wrong for the government to mandate that a business must permit “open carry” or “concealed carry” on its property as it is for the government to mandate that a business must not permit “open carry” or “concealed carry” on its property. And any American has the natural right to possess any weapon on his own property or the property of anyone else that allows such weapons.

FK – I must disagree vehemently with no. 5. I have no right whatsoever to prevent someone from protecting themselves, their body, mind, soul, whatever on my ‘property’ whether I’ve opened it to the public as a business or not. The most basic ‘private property’ we own is ourselves and we have a right to protect such ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and NO ONE, ANYWHERE can tell us differently. This is the most basic right we posses. “Liberal”(commie) trash that don’t belong in this country anyway and should be deported if not eradicated that ‘own’ businesses, a ‘right’ the honest ones don’t believe in by the way, should be forced at the point of a government gun to acknowledge the rights we are all born with regardless of any whiny excuses they make up because if for no other reason than the trash will certainly force their total evil on us if we allow them to.

Are you ready to do what will be required?